Welcome to the Office of Undergraduate Affairs. We offer an array of advising services to our current and prospective students. From admission to graduation, our advising team is here to assist you as you progress through your academic career at UCF.

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Academic Advising

Student inquiries can be made by calling 407-823-3723 or via email.

While you are an education major in the UCF College of Education and Human Performance, you may seek academic advising as follows:

First Year
First Year Advising and Exploration
Phillips Hall 116
CEDHP Office of Undergraduate Affairs
Education Complex 110


Second Year

College of Education and Human Performance
Office of Undergraduate Affairs
ED Complex 110

Note: Sophomores are strongly encouraged to attend a College Connection Advising session in the spring semester.

Third Year

Students are assigned and work with an academic advisor in their major.

Fourth Year

Students continue to work with their academic advisor on meeting degree requirements and planning future goals.

Academic advising is key to student success. Students are encouraged to visit their academic advisor each semester to review academic progress, plan for future term enrollment, prepare for internship application submission, and to discuss career goals and opportunities. The following schedule is a guideline of important times to seek academic advisement:
First term of enrollment - to discuss course equivalencies from other institutions, course substitutions, questions concerning the myKnight degree audit, provisional application procedures and sequencing of courses.
Prior to the end of the spring semester - make an academic advising appointment to review your planned schedule for multiple term registration. Sophomores are strongly encouraged to attend a College Connection advising session in the Spring semester.
Prior to February 1st and August 1st - meet with your academic advisor to review your myKnight degree audit and internship I or II application. Faculty advisor signature is required.
Two semesters prior to graduation - meet with your academic advisor to review your myKnight degree audit to determine if you are ready to file an Intent to Graduate.

Advising sessions are held daily in the Undergraduate Affairs Office (Education Complex 110) for Education Pending and Elementary Education majors.

To schedule an appointment, please visit us or call 407- 823-3723.

*For Readmission or Provisional Admission, please make an appointment by calling 407- 823-3723.


Admission to the College will be granted when students meet the following College of Education and Human Performance restricted access admission requirements:

  • Completion of the University General Education requirements or its equivalent, (e.g. an AA degree from an approved Florida Community College or state university)
  • Complete the Education and Human Performance Program Prerequisites.
  • Complete the Foreign Language Admission requirement.
  • Complete the Gordon Rule requirement.
  • Have an overall 2.5 or above GPA. (2.75 for Early Childhood Development and Education)
  • Successful completion of all four parts of the General Knowledge Test (GKT).
  • To obtain registration information, please visit www.fl.nesinc.com. Sport and Exercise Science and Technical Education and Industry Training programs do not require the GKT.

*NOTE: The above requirements are reflected on the student’s degree audit.

Students who do not meet the College of Education and Human Performance admission requirements will be restricted from taking upper level (3000/4000) courses in the College of Education and Human Performance, and remain in Education Pending status.

Education Pending Students

Students who are pending admission to a degree program are classified as Education Pending students.

All Education Pending students are advised in the Office of Undergraduate Affairs, ED110, 407-823-3723. Once all college admission requirements have been met, students are required to complete a Change of Major request to change from Education Pending to their intended major. The student’s degree audit will be updated to identify their assigned academic advisor. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with their academic advisor each term.

Graduation Procedures

In order to graduate from UCF, each student must file an “Intent to Graduate” application. This application includes the Intent to Graduate form and the UCF Exit Surveys. The application process is completed online via myUCF in the Student Center. For more information about graduation, review the frequently asked questions and answers.

You need to complete an Intent to Graduate (ITG) by logging on to the myUCF portal, going to your Student Center, and clicking on the “Intent to Graduate: Apply” link located in the drop-down menu under My Academics. When filing your Intent to Graduate form, please be sure to complete the university and program-specific surveys.

You should file your online ITG before the deadline on the academic calendar, and no later than the first week of classes during your final term of enrollment in the undergraduate program.

It is your responsibility as the graduating student to verify that your myKnight degree audit is complete and all requirements for graduation have met. You may review your audit by logging on to your account at: my.ucf.edu > Student Center. Things to consider and look for that may prevent your graduation:

  • Make sure that all of your correct majors appear in your myUCF page. If there are any errors, you will need to fill out a Change of Major form online via the myUCF portal (my.ucf.edu) or with your Regional Campus advising office to add/drop any degree programs.
  • Make sure that all of your correct minors and certificates appear in your myUCF page. If there are any errors, you will need to fill out a Minor/Certificate Declaration form online via the myUCF portal or with your Regional Campus advising office to add/drop any minors/certificates.
  • Have all of your course requirements been met on your audit and listed as “satisfied”? If not, you’ll need to meet with
    your faculty advisor to have course information on taking these exams and the procedures for signing up are in our office, Undergraduate Affairs ED 110, or can be found online at fl.nesinc.com.

Passing results on the FTCE, a state mandated exam, are required of all students enrolled in initial teachers preparation programs in the College of Education and Human Performance. This exam includes the General Knowledge Test (GKT), Subject Area Exam (SAE), and Professional Area Exam (Ped). Please check your degree audit for this requirement. Please note, only official passing scores are accepted to meet the graduation requirement.

Information on taking these exams and procedures for signing up can be found online at fl.nesinc.com. Visit the FTCE Prep website for resources to prepare for these exams.

Once you have filed your online Intent to Graduate (ITG), a formal review of your myKnight degree audit will be performed. We will notify you by email during the semester regarding whether you file is complete and ready for graduation OR if there are remaining graduation requirements for you to meet. As the graduating student, it if your responsibility to follow-up on these notices and resolve all issues that may prevent your graduation.

Diplomas are mailed by the Registrar’s Office about 4-6 weeks after commencement. They are mailed to the address you indicated on your Intent to Graduate.

If you do not meet graduation requirements during the term indicated on our Intent to Graduate (ITG), you must file a new form at the beginning of registration for the next term of anticipated graduation. Remember that you must be enrolled at UCF during your term of graduation OR you may request an ‘enrollment exception’ from the College of Education and Human Performance, Undergraduate Affairs, ED 110.

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The vision of the Office of Undergraduate Affairs is to be the primary information and advising resource for College of Education and Human Performance students, faculty, staff and administrators.


The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Affairs is to promote student development and success through collaboration with College of Education and Human Performance faculty, staff, administrators and partners.

Advising Team

Andrea Small


Department: Undergraduate Affairs

Office: ED 110D
Phone: 407-823-2022
Caroline Marrett, Ph.D.

Associate Lecturer (Exceptional Student Education) and Coordinator (Recruitment and Retention)

Department: Office of Undergraduate Affairs

Office: ED 110B
Phone: 407-823-4409
Jorri Bright, M.A.

Assistant Director

Department: Undergraduate Affairs

Office: ED 110C
Phone: 407-823-5362
Leah Mitchell

Academic Advising Services Coordinator I

Department: Undergraduate Affairs

Office: ED 110G
Phone: 407-823-1574

Peer Advisors: Students Helping Students

In addition to our undergraduate professional advising team, peer advisors are available to assist with general admission information, degree audits, course evaluation procedures and general questions. Our peer advisors provide an important service to our students in the College of Education and Human Performance.

Phone: 407-823-3723
Email: edstudserv@ucf.edu