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Dr. Sarah Bush Receives AMTE 2018 Early Career Award

The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) has awarded K-12 STEM Education Associate Professor Dr ...
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Alumna Dr. Samantha Mrstik Wins DISES Distinguished Student Research Award

Triple Knight and Exceptional Education alumna Dr. Samantha Mrstik ’17, ’06, ‘99 is the recipient ...
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Higher Education Doctoral Grad and Knightro Share a Special Bond

Higher Education doctoral graduate Michael Callahan ’05, ’09 will be a triple Knight when he ...
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CEDHP and Project 375 announced their partnership by painting the Community Counseling and Research Center’s wall lime green, the color that represents mental health awareness. Project 375, a nonprofit organization created by NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall '06 and his wife Michi '06, aims to destigmatize mental illness.