It is a joy to welcome you to the College of Education and Human Performance (CEDHP), one of the nation’s premier, fully accredited programs of educator preparation. Since its inception in 1968, our college has offered university students at every level a quality education designed to meet the ever-changing needs of public and private institutions of learning, as well as corporate and human services organizations. The rapid growth of our programs is accelerated by our active use of the most advanced technology, accessible to students and faculty alike, in a drive to meld inspiration with opportunity.

Our award-winning faculty members, supported by professional administrators and staff, bring to their work a level of dedication unequalled in the profession of education. Known globally for innovative initiatives in teaching, research and service, they take a personal interest in the success of every student. Experienced in the many and varied nuances of learning, they are creative individuals, intent on launching and advancing the career of others. Widely published and practiced, our faculty members are active in leadership roles that reach beyond the walls of the college, serving on boards of directors, peer review panels, and as editors and authors of notable works in the field of education and pedagogy.

The choices are myriad within the College of Education and Human Performance. We encourage you to pursue your academic interests within the CEDHP, whether they lie within the broad areas of teaching, counseling and school psychology, serving exceptional students, or sport and exercise science. We also suggest that you set goals to enhance educational credentials and further develop leadership talents through participating in a host of career and community service opportunities as a student in the CEDHP. With ties and partnerships deeply rooted in the Central Florida community, as well as the college’s Teaching Academy, Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute and Morgridge International Reading Center, you will find many invigorating possibilities here.

I invite you to explore the many curricula, degree and certificate choices available. Our knowledgeable undergraduate and graduate program advisors and faculty are well-versed in every program the college offers, as well as a host of extraordinary options across the university’s spectrum of interdisciplinary opportunities. They will help you build a program and guide you through to its completion. Many faculty members will invite you to engage in research and community-based service projects with them, and you will benefit from experiencing the impact of your efforts. Be sure to express your interests; we are eager to know. Our team at the College of Education and Human Performance is one of exceptional talent and extraordinary accomplishment. I invite you to share in all that we offer and join us in a journey of exploration in education and lifelong learning.

Pamela “Sissi” Carroll

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