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The Computing and Statistical Technology Laboratory in Education (CASTLE), located in TA305, is a computer lab available to students and faculty for data analysis. The lab computers are equipped with various quantitative and qualitative software packages including SPSS, SAS, AMOS, LISREL, Multilog, Mplus and Nvivo. Dr. M.H. Clark and Dr. Lihua Xu (pronounced as Lee-hwa Shew) are the lab instructors. They provide instructional services to graduate students and faculty, which include research design development, demonstration of software packages, guidance for processing qualitative data, and some statistical troubleshooting.

Contact: Dr. M. H. Clark

Center for Educational Research and Development

Contact: Dr. James Owens

Center for Research in Education Simulation Technology (CREST)

The purpose of the Center for Research in Education Simulation Technology (CREST) is to conduct research and development on various forms of simulation to the field of education. The UCF Lab is the center for R&D on the TeachLivE technology. The lab supports other institutions and investigators with the goal of conducting research on the efficacy of TeachLivETM and other simulation forms in education.
Contact: Dr. Michael Hynes

Community Counseling and Research Center

The College of Education and Human Performance Community Counseling and Research Center (CCRC) is a state of the art clinical training facility with 10 counseling rooms including a play therapy and adolescent therapy room. The Clinic offers free individual, couple and family counseling sessions, and on occasion, we also conduct group-counseling programs.

Contact: Dr. Gulnora Hundley

Florida Center for Students with Unique Abilities

The Florida Center for Students with Unique Abilities provides financial support so students with intellectual disabilities have opportunities for on-campus college experiences and employment opportunities through degree, certificate, or non-degree programs.

Contact: Dr. Paula Kohler

Institute for the Advancement of Research, Innovation, and Practice in Rural Education (ARIP-RE Institute)

The purpose of the ARIP-RE Institute is to advance research, innovation, and practice that supports improvements in rural education through externally-funded projects and internal/external collaboration with scholars and practitioners.

Contact: Dr. Jerry Johnson

Institute of Exercise Physiology and Wellness

The mission of the Institute of Exercise Physiology and Wellness is to perpetuate the exercise and wellness movement through behavioral intervention, physiological assessment, research studies and doctoral dissertations.

Contact: Dr. Jeff Stout

Morgridge International Reading Center

The Morgridge International Reading Center is a dynamic complex for the free exchange of ideas and information to improve literacy acquisition and instruction. Our main goal is to advance literacy through communication, collaboration, learning, and research.

Contact: Dr. Sandra Robinson

Office of Research

The College of Education and Human Performance Office of Research actively engages in numerous research initiatives. Scholars in the College conduct research in areas such exceptional education, teacher preparation, sports and exercise sciences, and marriage and family. Their research, supported by various funding agencies and organizations, is carried out in our Educational and Human Performance Department; Child, Family, and Community Sciences Department; School of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership; and our centers and institutes.

Contact: Dr. James Owens

Program Evaluation and Educational Research Group (PEER)

Program Evaluation and Educational Research Group (PEER), a service center, offers high quality evaluation and research services for educational programs, grants, and community based organizations.

Contact: Dr. Bonnie Swan

Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute

The Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute is tangible proof that one person; or, in this case, one family; can make a difference. As their child entered the public school system, one family learned that the teacher in their son’s classroom was not certified to teach students with exceptional needs. As they talked with others, they learned this was not uncommon. The need to recruit, train and retain qualified teachers had become critical.

Contact: Dr. Trey Vasquez

UCF Marriage and Family Research Institute

The UCF Marriage and Family Research Institute at the University of Central Florida was created in 2003 to facilitate the development of research and clinical initiatives to better support couples, marriages, and families. The Institute conducts original research and facilitates and supports scholarly activity of faculty and graduate students interested in marriage, family, and child issues. Additionally, the Institute can provide outcome and process evaluation services for other research projects part of and independent of the Institute.

Contact: Dr. Sejal Barden and Dr. Dalena Taylor

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