Reading Clinics and Camps for K-6

The College of Education and Human Performance offers reading clinics for K-6 students each semester and a digital storytelling camp during the summer. Your child will be paired with an undergraduate or graduate education student for individualized support in developing their reading, writing, and thinking abilities. Reading and Language Arts faculty supervise all clinics and camps. Clinics are offered at two campuses: UCF Main Campus and UCF South Lake Campus in Clermont.

UCF Adolescent Reading Lab

UCF College of Education and Human Performance Graduate students in Reading Education will mentor and develop 6th-8th grade students' reading skills during this Adolescent Reading Lab (ARL) project. An emphasis of this program is helping students read and comprehend informational texts and improve their reading skills in the content areas. The final session includes a parent celebration with students demonstrating what they learned from the UCF ARL experience and sharing family literacy activities to further support students' reading skills. For more information contact Ms. Analexis Kennedy or Dr. Vicky Zygouris-Coe.

Relationship Education at the Marriage and Family Research Institute

Project Harmony, through the UCF Marriage and Family Research Institute, offers relationship education to participants, as well as essential skills to promote their success in the workplace while learning more about their personal strengths. Participants in this program will learn effective communication strategies, gain tools to cope with stressful situations, learn to listen and be heard, and improve conflict management skills to positively impact their careers and relationships. We offer workshops at no cost to participants, include hot meals for each workshop, and childcare for most workshops. Additionally, each participant will receive incentives in the form of Walmart gift cards for participating.

Eligibility: Be at least 18 years of age with an interest in learning more about healthy relationships and healthy communication.

Counseling Services at the Community Counseling and Research Center

The Community Counseling and Research Center (CCRC), housed in the Education Complex, offers free, individual, couple and family counseling sessions, and on occasion, group-counseling programs. With the exception of short semester breaks, the CCRC operates weekdays and evenings throughout the year. Counseling sessions are usually 45 - 50 minutes in length. Clients are accepted on a first come, first served basis.