Find the academic career that is right for you. UCF's College of Education and Human Performance offers a variety of undergraduate programs that align to your professional interests and educational goals. Scroll down and learn about your options.

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Degree Programs

Degrees and Certificates

Art Education, B.S.
Art Education, Undergraduate Minor

Education: Pre-Kindergarten – Primary (PK-3), B.S.
Early Childhood Development, B.S.
Early Childhood Development and Education, Undergraduate Minor

Education, Undergraduate Minor

Elementary Education, B.S.

English Language Arts Education, B.S.
English Language Arts Education, Undergraduate Minor

Exceptional Student Education, B.S.
Exceptional Student Education, Undergraduate Minor

Human Services, Undergraduate Minor

Mathematics Education, B.S.
Mathematics Education, Undergraduate Minor

Physical Education, B.S.

Biology, Science Education, B.S.
Chemistry, Science Education, B.S.
Physics, Science Education, B.S.
Science Education, Undergraduate Minor

Service-Learning, Undergraduate Certificate

Social Science Education, B.S.
Social Science Education, Undergraduate Minor
Civics Teaching, Undergraduate Certificate

Coaching, Sport and Exercise Science, B.S.
Human Performance, Sport and Exercise Science, B.S.
Coaching, Undergraduate Minor
Fitness Training, Undergraduate Minor

Substitute Teaching, Undergraduate Certificate

Technical Education and industry Training, B.S.
Technical Education and industry Training, Undergraduate Minor

Spanish, World Languages Education, B.S.
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Undergraduate Minor
Languages Other Than English (LOTE), Undergraduate Minor