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Educational Leadership, K-12 Non-Florida Certification/Other Educational Organizations (MA)

The online Master of Arts in Educational Leadership program is designed as a global offering to persons who desire a master’s degree offered totally online from one of the most respected university educational leadership programs in the United States. Such persons include curators of art centers and museums, directors of zoos and environmental centers, business human resources administrators, charter and private school administrators, employees of overseas schools, State Department employees, members of the armed forces and others.

The online Master of Arts in Educational Leadership program is not a state-approved program for certification in Florida. The program is designed to prepare students for administrative and leadership positions in school settings and other education-related fields that specifically do NOT require certification (some examples include private school headmaster, community college or university staff administrator or museum administrator).

Educational Leadership (MEd)

The Master of Education (MEd) in Educational Leadership program provides the theoretical and conceptual knowledge base required for the principalship and for Florida Level I Educational Leadership certification. Courses required in the program address the 4 domains and 10 standards specified by the Florida Department of Education and included in the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE). Students are not required to pass a comprehensive examination but must earn at least a grade of B in each of the two internships (EDA 6946). In addition, the MEd student must successfully pass the State Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) prior to graduation.

An MEd in Educational Leadership or its equivalent and successful completion of the FELE are required by the state of Florida for certification in educational leadership (certification is subject to Florida Department of Education approval). Teaching experience is NOT required for admission to this program nor for Florida educational leadership certification.

The MEd program requires successful completion and an earned grade of at least a B for each of two internships (EDA 6946). These internships will be taken during the final two terms of the MEd student’s program and involve independent learning activities that take place in authentic settings in which students must apply, reflect on, and refine knowledge and skills acquired in the program. The internship experiences provide job-imbedded learning and acquisition of skills needed for a successful career in educational leadership.

Modified Core

Educational Leadership, Modified Core

If an individual holds a graduate degree with a major other than Educational Administration, Administration, or Supervision or Educational Leadership, certification may be obtained through completion of an approved modified program in Educational Leadership. The UCF modified program consists of the seven core courses and Administrative Internship course of the Educational Leadership M.Ed. degree. Request an evaluation of prior graduate course work (required for admission into the program) by visiting the Educational Leadership website.

Education Specialist

Educational Leadership (EdS)

The Educational Specialist Degree (EdS) is an advanced professional degree designed specifically for individuals who have completed a master’s degree in a field other than Educational Leadership and who wish to meet the requirements for Florida Level 1 Educational Leadership Certification while working toward a degree. The general program of study leading to the Ed.S. Degree consists of a minimum of 36 semester hours beyond the master’s degree in a planned program of study (including a maximum of 9 transfer hours).

Doctor of Education

Educational Leadership (EdD)

The University of Central Florida’s College of Education is one of the elite institutions participating in the Carnegie project to redesign the Education Doctorate. Graduates of the Executive EdD in Educational Leadership will be prepared as school leaders with an emphasis on their abilities to utilize relevant research, provide leadership, promote effective communication, and effectively use their comprehensive understanding of task, structure, technology, and people as they relate to the operation of schools and educational organizations.

The Executive EdD in Educational Leadership:

  • Equips scholar practitioners with the competencies and skills to connect research to practice.
  • Serves teachers and administrators who wish to develop knowledge and skills of effective leadership.
  • Includes cohorts for 3 calendar years or 9 semesters (54 credit hours). Satisfactory academic performance will provide for on-time graduation.
  • Structured for completing Ed.D. in 3 years.
  • Provides the opportunity to work with experienced educational leaders, authors, and researchers as instructors and advisors.
  • Makes possible learning and networking as a member of a cohort of scholar practitioners.
  • Utilizes a school educational organization advisory council to keep apprised of the current and developing challenges facing educational leaders.
  • Includes a client based field study experience, guided by educational leadership faculty.
  • Provides a 54 hour course of study essential for 21st century leadership.

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