The Community Engagement Council will partner with representatives from businesses, foundations, governmental, and educational institutions, and with thought leaders within the Central Florida community to better understand the specific needs of our area, and how the College of Education and Human Performance might help in addressing those needs. The Council will help the College increase our visibility and impact as we continue to explore, implement, and evaluate methods of improving the mental, emotional, intellectual, and physical condition of those with whom we work.

Members of the Community Engagement Council

  • Mary Palmer, Convener – Mary Palmer and Associates, LLC
  • Rich and Andy Taylor – Rich Imagination, Creative Consulting
  • Bryce West – Bryce L. West Foundation
  • Larry Tobin – Fairwinds Credit Union
  • Katleen (Kat) Gordon – Orange County Public Schools
  • Mary Whittaker – City of Orlando
  • Jarrad Plante – UCF
  • Rich Sloane – UCF CEDHP
  • Linda Gonzalez – Orlando Magic
  • Sarah Sprinkel – City of Winter Park
  • Marcia Goodwin – City of Orlando
  • Loretta Corey – UCF Foundation Board of Directors