Glenda Gunter Receives AECT Presidential Award


“A journal of this kind is nonexistent in our field,” according to Glenda Gunter, Associate Professor of Instructional Design and Technology at UCF. “Journals generally focus on summative design—a look at the end result of research. Formative design, however, focuses on the process of research and how one research activity informs the next. Research in the educational arena is iterative in nature with very little that can be done in terms of finding absolute answers to research questions. The formative process is, therefore, essential in this field.”

Just before the holiday weekend, Gunter received the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Presidential Award as a founding Co-Editor for the initiation and development of the Journal of Formative Design for Learning.

Gunter emphasized that a formative journal provides a much-needed platform for improvements in the research process. “We know that evaluation [summative] is the process of determining the final merit, worth and value of things. But formative assessment is intended to deliver information that will guide us to make step-by-step improvements for future iterations.”

Gunter believes the journal bridges the gap between theory and practice by providing reflective, emerging practitioners in multiple areas of teaching and training—for example, designers, teachers, instructors, etc.—a means for publishing articles related to their respective fields. The advent of a journal that creates space for practitioners and scholars to work together in refining the research process may provide more opportunity for comprehensive pathways towards discovery in the field.

“This journal encourages the practitioner experience, as well as creates collaborations among academics and practitioners, as a means of disseminating and developing new ideas. The resulting articles are to inform both the study and practice of education and training.”

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