For Students

Live Text is an important part of student success within a teacher or school preparation program. Students in these programs are required to demonstrate competence in specific areas of professional knowledge, called standards, to earn a valid teaching certificate from the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). Required standards vary by degree program but may include the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs), the Reading Endorsement Competenices (RECs), and the Florida Teacher Standards for ESOL Endorsement.

Students upload completed assignments to their LiveText account; which, once assessed by the course instructor, allow the college to evaluate student-learning outcomes relative to established standards. This student evidence supports both college and FLDOE Continuous Program Improvement activities, which directly contribute to the quality of student learning experiences.

How to Purchase LiveText

Go to to purchase a LiveText Account.

How to Create an Account

To learn how to create a new LiveText account, click here.

How to Submit Assignments to LiveText

All assignments are submitted to the LiveText Dashboard tab (See top navigation bar).  The LiveText Dashboard uses a color coding system to determine what assignments have yet to be uploaded (red), have been uploaded (yellow), and assignments that have been assessed by the instructor (green).

To submit an assignment:

  1. Log into a student LiveText account.
  2. Locate the assignment on your Dashboard.
  3. Click on the corresponding Begin Assignment button.
  4. Review the assignment details.
  5. Click on the attach button to open the Attach Resources to Assignment window.
  6. Click the upload button to begin uploading files from your device.
  7. Click on the browse button.
  8. In the pop up window which appears double click the icon of a file from your device's local storage. Repeat step 7 as needed to attach more external files.
  9. Click the attach button to attach all selected items to the assignment.
  10. Click the submit assignment button to submit the attached files to this assignment.

If the submission was successful, a green Congratulations notification will appear in the status bar and the page will indicate Awaiting Assessment.

For a video tutorial on how to submit an assignment:

  1. Log into a student LiveText account.
  2. Click on the Menu button (three dots) located in the upper right corner of the page directly to the right of your name.
  3. Click the Help link to navigate to the LiveText Help Center.
  4. Click on For Students.
  5. View the online tutorial.


What is the recommended browser for LiveText?
The recommended browser is FireFox. To download FireFox free of charge, visit

Which membership edition should I purchase?
Students should purchase the Field Experience Edition.

How can I view dashboards from past semesters?
From the Dashboard, choose the appropriate semester from the Term drop down menu.

How long does a student LiveText account last?
The Standard Edition is available for the entire time students are enrolled in a program plus an additional year beyond graduation (a maximum of 5 years). Renewal rates to extend your membership after expiration are available for one, two, and three-year periods.

The semester has started, but my courses are not showing up on my dashboard. What should I do?
Course information, including assignments and rosters, will become available starting the second week of classes (after the Add/Drop period ends). If your courses are still now visible by the end of the second week of classes, please email for assistance.

I forgot my username and/or password. What should I do?
Click here to reset your password or request your username.

I recently changed my name. Should I update it with LiveText?
Yes. To change your name in LiveText, log into your account and submit your request to (Link on the bottom of every page while logged into LiveText. Please be sure to update your information with the University of Central Florida as well.

I transferred to UCF this term but I already have a LiveText account from my previous institution. Why can I not see any of my current classes on my dashboard?
Your LiveText account is linked to the institution you were attending when you registered. Please contact LiveText Customer Support, at 800-311-5656, to update the institution on your account. After your account is updated, your UCF courses will be visible on your dashboard (account changes may take up to 24 hours to take effect).

For Faculty and Staff

Welcome College of Education and Human Performance faculty and staff! Below are helpful directions to guide in assessing students. All new faculty (full time or adjunct) who are teaching in programs requiring LiveText, please contact your hiring department if you need an account.

LiveText Assessments

See video tutorial on YouTube

How do I assess students in LiveText?

  1. Access the LiveText website
  2. Login using your LiveText ID and password
  3. On the LiveText Dashboard in your account, locate the course and assignment you want to assess
  4. To assess, click on the multi-colored bar beneath the assignment (The red column indicates students who have not submitted an assignment/artifact, yellow are students awaiting assessment, and green are students who have already been assessed)
  5. Click on the assignment/artifact to open and view the document during assessment with the rubric
  6. Select the “Assessment Rubric” button on the page which will open a new window with the rubric
  7. On the rubric, click the appropriate boxes reflecting the students’ performance for each knowledge, skill or disposition.  The boxes will highlight in blue when selected.
  8. Once all the appropriate boxes have been selected, click the “X” button on the assessment rubric window. The assessment will save automatically.
  9. Click the “Submit Assessment” button.
  10. Repeat for each of the remaining students

Where to Get Help

College of Education and Human Performance LiveText support

LiveText Support

  • Login at Click “Help” in the upper right hand corner of the LiveText window. Click “For Students”
  • Click the e-mail link located at the bottom of every page while you are logged in to LiveText . Technical support will receive a “screen capture” when reporting any technical problems/issues.
  • Contact the LiveText toll free number:  800-311-5656