Pre-Award Assistance

The Office of Research can assist with:

Contact for assistance in locating appropriate funding sources for your search.
  1. Notice of Intent
  2. Interview with CEDHP Office of Research
    • An Office of Research staff member will contact you to schedule the meeting
  3. Send out request to partners for collaboration documents
    • Please provide the contact information to your Office of Research staff member if you would like them to send out the request for this information
  4. Prepare abstract or draft narrative and budget
    • Please send a copy of your abstract or a draft narrative to your Office of Research staff member who can also assist you with preparing a budget for your proposal
  5. Prepare agency specific forms (excluding technical sections)
  6. Proposal Transmission Form (PTF) submission
  7. Collaborative partnerships documents returned
  8. Submission of all documents to CEDHP Office of Research (including technical)
  9. Mock review of technical proposal (if requested)
  10. Submission of all documents to ORC (including technical) from CEDHP Office of Research
    • For assistance or questions and concerns, please contact Taylor Dearman.

It is the policy of the College of Education and Human Performance that grants are not to be submitted to funding agencies without prior approval of the proposal by the Principal Investigators’ Department Chair or designee and by the Dean of the College of Education and Human Performance or designee.

Submission Authority on Behalf of UCF

The UCF Office of Research & Commercialization (ORC) is the only office vested with the authority to sign research proposals and contracts on behalf of the University of Central Florida. The ORC must verify that a proposal is current, complete, and accurate. Therefore, ORC must review, approve, and sign all proposals, including those when UCF will be a subcontractor, prior to submission to the funding agency. Faculty members are not authorized to submit proposals without prior College, Department, Center, Institute, and ORC review and approval. The approval process is performed through the electronic Proposal Transmittal Form (PTF) in ARGIS.

See Submission Guidelines