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Flyers & Brochures

CEDHP Graduate Programs Flyer (Coming Soon)
CEDHP Undergraduate Programs Flyer (Coming Soon)


Budget Processes

Contact: Dennis Reussow, Director

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Contact: D’Ann Rawlinson, Director

CEDHP Unit Identifiers (Logos)
CEDHP Digital Signage Requests
CEDHP PowerPoint Template (Coming Soon)
CEDHP Social Media Form (Coming Soon)
UCF Branding Guidelines
UCF Internal Communication Channels
UCF Model Release Form (Photography/Videography Consent)
Photography and Videography Guidelines

Conflict of Interest

Coming Soon

Employee Recruitment

Contact: Allison Jefferson, Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs

Search Guidelines (Coming Soon)
Faculty (Coming Soon)
A&P (Coming Soon)
USPS (Coming Soon)

Employee Termination

College Process (Coming Soon)
Exit Checklist (Coming Soon)


Contact: Benie Harris, Director

Room Reservations
Keys (Coming Soon)
Work Orders (Coming Soon)
Event Logistics (Coming Soon)
Office Space – Assignment Guidelines (Coming Soon)
Conference Rooms (Coming Soon)

Graduate Affairs

Contact: Andrea Withington, Executive Director

Graduate Student Nomination Form


Contact: Larry Jaffe, UCF IT Business Relationship Manager