Social Science Education

School of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

Bachelor's Degree Program

Social Science Education, B.S.

The Secondary Education B.S. – Social Science Education program offers students the option of two tracks: Social Science Education – Education Track and Social Science Education – Lifelong Learning Track (non-certification). The Education Track is appropriate for students interested in opportunities for employment with formal, 6-12 schools that require certification. The Lifelong Learning Track is appropriate for students seeking opportunities for employment outside formal, K-12 schools that do not require certification.

The Social Science Education B.S. program meets the educational eligibility criteria for certification in Social Science (6-12) in the State of Florida. Graduates of this Florida state-approved teacher preparation program who have passed all three portions of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE), will qualify for a Professional Florida Educator’s Certificate. Graduates of the program who wish to teach in another U.S. state or country, may require additional eligibility criteria to qualify for licensure and/or certification in those locations. We are unable to confirm the licensure and/or certification requirements of other states or countries. Therefore, if you intend to pursue such credentialing in another state or elsewhere, it is advised that you to contact the applicable state or country credentialing authority to familiarize yourself with its specific requirements and determine if this program meets the applicable eligibility criteria. If you have additional questions in this regard, please contact to assist you in your career planning.


Social Science Education, Undergraduate Minor

The Social Science Education minor is intended for non-Social Science Education majors. It is well suited for students majoring in another secondary content area or as an area for students enrolled in Interdisciplinary Studies. This minor is available for students in the 2008 catalog year and beyond. This minor is not available to students in pending status in a College of Education and Human Performance major.


Civics Teaching, Undergraduate Certificate

The Civics Teaching certificate will provide pre-service teachers with complementary, civics teaching-focused coursework that will build on and enhance the Social Science Education B.S. program. Individuals enrolled in the Civics Teaching certificate program will learn the substantive content, skills, and pedagogical tools needed to deliver instruction explicitly linked to the 7th grade Civics End of Course Assessment in Florida. Certificate will be awarded only at the time of degree completion.