Exceptional Student Education (Special Education)

Department of Child, Family, and Community Sciences

Graduate Certificates

Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) provides additional training for professionals with specific focus on knowledge, skills, and competencies for working with students with ASD.

The program is composed of four graduate courses that can be incorporated into a master’s program of study in Exceptional Student Education or taken as an add-on to an undergraduate or graduate degree. Each course includes a field-based component. Students may complete field-based assignments in their own classrooms or schools if they serve students with ASD. There are also opportunities to complete these assignments at Project ASD demonstration sites. This program is approved by the Florida Department of Education as meeting requirements for State Endorsement in Autism (Administrative Rule 6A-4.01796).

Intervention Specialist

The Intervention Specialist graduate certificate provides advanced coursework for educational leaders to use school-based and classroom instructional data to meet the instructional and intervention needs of all students, including at-risk and struggling students, beyond the typical, initial classroom instruction within a multi-tiered system of supports. In addition, this certificate will provide an advanced, multi-disciplinary theoretical approach and applied knowledge base to experienced educators.

Coursework focuses on knowledge, skills and competencies for working with students within an intervention framework. The Intervention Specialist certificate is multi-disciplinary and includes coursework in exceptional student education, school psychology, reading education, and math education. The graduate courses provide an opportunity for students to complete the Intervention Specialist certificate beyond the undergraduate degree. Should a student wish to earn a master’s degree, the courses in the certificate could be applied into one of several Master of Education degree programs in the College of Education and Human Performance.

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Pre-Kindergarten Disabilities

The Graduate Certificate in Pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) Disabilities prepares graduate students to teach pre-kindergarten students with disabilities. The goal of the program is to prepare qualified students to teach the pre-kindergarten handicapped population.

Special Education

The Graduate Certificate in Special Education provides out-of-field teachers and students with some of the course work needed to meet state certification requirements in special education. This certificate will help out-of-field teachers become more effective in their classrooms and will enhance the delivery of education to children and youth with disabilities.

Master’s Degree Program

Exceptional Student Education K-12 (MA)

The Master of Arts in Exceptional Student Education K-12 program is for non-education majors or previously certified teachers in another content area. In addition to the required 36 credit hours, students must complete co-requisite and pre-requisite courses. Graduates must be eligible for certification by the completion of the degree program. Graduates must be eligible for certification by the successful completion of the degree program in the area of exceptional student education (ESE) and must pass the Florida certification exams. Graduates will also receive Reading and ESOL endorsements upon successful completion of the program, if not currently endorsed. For additional information, contact esegrad@ucf.edu.

This is a state-approved, initial teacher preparation program designed in compliance with Florida Statutes and State Board of Education Rule 6A-5.066. Degree requirements are subject to change based on state mandates. Students enrolled in this program should remain in close contact with their adviser to keep informed of any program changes implemented to comply with new state requirements.

Exceptional Student Education (MEd)

The MEd in Exceptional Student Education program prepares exceptional education teachers to work in programs serving Pre-K-12 students with disabilities. The program is designed for teachers already certified in exceptional student education (or other certification in special education) to enhance their knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

Doctor of Philosophy

Exceptional Education (PhD)

The Exceptional Education track in the Education PhD program is designed to prepare highly competent doctoral-level professionals to assume leadership positions in teaching, research, and service in the area of special education. The Exceptional Education track is a challenging program of study. The program focuses on developing the qualifications to conduct research, implement best practices based on research, and evaluate new programs and projects that serve students with disabilities.