Curriculum and Instruction

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Master’s Degree Programs

Curriculum and Instruction (MEd)

The Master of Education (MEd) program in Curriculum and Instruction is designed for professionally certified and experienced educators who want to extend their influence beyond the walls of the classroom and improve their knowledge and skills in the area of leadership. Students also engage in the development of expertise in leading other educators in curriculum and instructional improvement across subject areas and grade levels.

This degree does not prepare students for initial, administrative, or supervisory certification. 

The Curriculum and Instruction program addresses teacher empowerment and leadership in the expanded roles and responsibilities of teachers in schools, including data-driven assessment for school improvement, professional learning communities, applying research to practice, improving instruction and student learning outcomes, and collaboration with families and communities.

During the admission process, students may select a track in the following content areas that do not require specific certification beyond the professional teaching certificate: Curriculum Leadership, Educational Technology*, Gifted Education*, and Global, International and Comparative Education*, Intervention Specialist*, and Supporting High Needs Populations*.

*These program areas also include a certificate, which must be applied for separately.

To request more information about the specific tracks, please contact the following:

Education Specialist

Education Master’s + 30 (EdS)

The Education Specialist (EdS), Master’s +30 Track is an advanced graduate program for postmaster’s students.  It is designed for professionals who wish to increase their knowledge to prepare for doctoral work, to add expertise in their current field of teaching, or to add an additional field of expertise. The program prepares educators who are interested in teaching in a post K-12 institution, or leading curriculum and instruction improvements in a school district.

Doctor of Education

Curriculum and Instruction (EdD)

The Curriculum and Instruction EdD program is intended for individuals who are engaged in the practice of education in a variety of settings, including schools, colleges, universities, businesses, and industry. The program prepares students for engaging in the study of practice-based problems in education and data-driven decision making to generate real-world solutions.

The Curriculum and Instruction EdD program is designed for experienced practicing educators and practitioners who wish to gain advanced skills in:

  1. Evaluating the effectiveness of educational and clinical programs and identifying impediments to effective practice and program improvement;
  2. Analyzing and synthesizing educational and clinical research and scholarship to identify research-based practices and solutions to complex problems of the practice;
  3. Leading the change process through the implementation of data and evidence-based decisions and solutions.

The Doctor of Education program culminates with the Dissertation in Practice.

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