Applied Learning and Instruction

School of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

Master’s Degree Program

Applied Learning and Instruction (MA)

The Master of Arts in Applied Learning and Instruction program is designed for students from diverse academic majors who have an interest in the application of psychological theories and research to improving learning, instruction, and training in a variety of instructional contexts.

Graduates of the program will be prepared for a wide range of professional education, government, and industry positions, conducting activities such as instruction, training, evaluation, and consulting. Students are able to tailor the program to meet their particular needs and interests by choosing among a large variety of courses for their concentration, including courses in teaching, instructional design, program evaluation, and psychological foundations. Specialization and core courses are offered in the areas of the psychology of teaching and learning, motivation, human development, measurement, and research methodology. All students will be required to complete a comprehensive examination before completing the program. For students intending to pursue advanced education, a master's thesis option is available to facilitate entry into a doctoral program in education.

This program can be completed fully online, face-to-face, or in mixed modalities.